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Sotiris Sorogas

Sotiris Sorogas was born in Athens in 1936. He studied at the Athens School of Fine Arts (1958-1961). He studied post-Byzantine and folk art. During 1964-2003, he was a professor at the Architecture School of the National Technical University. He was a founding member of the Group for Art Communication and Education and a member at the editorial board of the art theory journal, Speira. He represented Greece at the Biennial of Sao Paulo (1981). He also participated in Europalia (Belgium, 1982) and the 21st International Festival of Painting (Cagnes-sur-Merlo, France, 1989). He was honored by the Athens Academy for his contributions to art (2004). Six of his large compositions have been placed at the Stathmos Larissis station of the Athens Metro (2010). Studies, articles, reviews, and three monographs have been written about his work. He lives and works in Athens.