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About the exhibition

Alekos Kyrarinis and Nikos Podias draw from the shared references of their youth and meet up in a joint exhibition, a visual consonance with the dragon as its theme. The motive and the aim of this exhibition is to highlight these two visual worlds, which, albeit clearly dissimilar as regards the circumstances, can be seen as one. And this living circumstance interacts with this visible affinity.

Their works are a blend of visual coincidences and divergences. In the context of this coexistence, it is worth mentioning that they also converge on issues that define them from the very beginning. It is all about the correlation and the quota of the essence of charm and the uncanny. This is their meeting point and reveals a united stance against the archetypical.

“I’m deep down a matter of light,” wrote George Seferis (On a Winter Sunbeam, IV). Alekos Kyrarinis builds light as a kind of geography. He persistently produces correlations of forces that organise our vision like calligraphic spreads. Nikos Podias’ works meet the light and go beyond reciprocally. They weave the finest visual flair. At their center is the handicraft itself, which is filtered through feeling and turns into philosophy.