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About the artist

Mark Hadjipateras was born in London in 1953. He studied at the Hammersmith School of Art and at the St. Martins School of Art in London, as well as in the John Moores School of Arts in Liverpool. He lived and worked in New York City from 1982 to 2002. His work includes paintings, photography and sculpture. In the United States, he has done site-specific installations in galleries, as well as public installations and interventions. He has exhibited his work in more than 90 group shows in Greece, Europe and U.S.A. He has also mounted several solo exhibitions. His works are part of several public and private collections in Greece: American College of Greece, Athens Municipality, Athens, Basil & Elize Goulandris Museum of Modern Art, Andros, Municipal Pinakotheque, Athens, Vorres Museum of Contemporary Greek Art, Athens, National Pinacoteque of Rhodes; in Europe: The Royal Bank of Scotland, the United States: Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, Zimmerli Art Museum, Rutgers University, New Jersey, IDS/American Express, New York, Prudential Insurance Corporation, New York as well as Japan. In 2000, after winning the first place in the competition, the Metropolitan Transit Authority of the New York City commissioned Hadjipateras to design the mosaics of the 28th street station of the Broadway line. In 2003, the monograph Mark Hadjipateras was issued by Melissa Publishing House and, in 2004, Estia published a children's book with his drawings.

About the exhibition

Mark Hadjipateras's photographic work moves freely between media, with the traditional canvas being replaced by a photographic base material or “substrate.” Forms and their archetypal elements are a central investigation in his work as it is related to artistic creation in our multicultural and globalized era. Playfulness, humor, chance become visual strategies in his work, where the dichotomies between high and low art have ceased to exist. In the artist's work, the photographed objects are constructed and reconstructed - taken out of context, appropriated, manipulated, staged.