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My Caves

About the artist

Panos Famelis, born in 1979 is an artist and independent curator living and working in Athens, on various media ranging from painting, sculpture, drawing, installations, performances and theater. He is the founding member of Under Construction group. He has curated solo and group exhibitions, including: ‘’A letter to Esme’’ & ‘’No Land’’, a two Women Solo Show (Crux Gallery Athens), “Grounded” (Re-Culture Festival), "Coney Island" (Ersi's Gallery), "Art is hard", (Festival Athens - Thessaloniki), "Black Jack 21 artists" (Rhodes Casino) and "Oasis" (Skironion Museum, Athens). He has exhibited in solo and group exhibitions in Greece and abroad and his work is included in museums and private collections.

About the exhibition

The solo exhibition of Panos Famelis "My Caves" includes a series of "landscapes" and sculptures in abstract forms. In this group of artworks, the artist exclusively uses pencils, graphites, charcoal and dry pastels on paper.

It concerns a study on writing and drawing "on paper", which was formed over the last three years. Through a cluster of representations and abstract forms, an "eerie" image is created, between a realistic and a transcendental world.

Landscapes of horizons and skies (skyscapes) are combined with wall sculptures made of paper, which the artist defines as "sculptural drawings". In this way, he emphasizes his visual research in regards to the relationship between abstraction and representation and, mainly, the relationship between two and three dimensions, which characterizes almost all aspects of his works.

These works remain in an intermediate place between sculpture and painting, mainly between time and space. Essentially, this body of work imprints timeless and colorless moments which potentially are day and night together; when the visible light comes simultaneously from the sun and the moon. There are moments when light becomes dark and vice versa.

The main stimulus for the creation of this particular series is music and poetry. They shape the conceptual essence of the works, as well as the pulse-rhythm which is emitted through the gesture of writing.

This writing is born through something paradoxical, a black imprint. It is like the trace left by the pencil which, when applied with a manual insistence, results in producing luminous surfaces and in a sense, becomes "self illuminating". It is, in other words, a mental and physical process of friction within the black, which creates flashes of light.