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Alekos Kyrarinis

Alekos Kyrarinis was born in 1976 in Athens and raised on the island of Tinos, the place of his origin. He worked with his father, Yiannis kyrarinis, who was a sculptor in marble, from the age of eleven until he entered the Athens School of Fine Arts in 1997. He studied there between 1997 and 2003, in the studios of Dimitris Mytaras and Yiannis Psychopedis. He has illustrated the books: “Alpha Group Calendar 2003”, “Verifying the night», “Encima del subsuelo / Above the subsoil”, “Drip from the tiles” and the Issues No 1, 2 and 3 of the magazine “New Responsibility”. He collaborates with the magazine “Shaft” and the cultural space “Baumstrasse”.
He has published a short essay book about painting entitled “Questions to Nefeli” from Nefeli publications, Athens, 2011. He has had solo exhibitions in Athens, Tinos, Poros, Barcelona and Brussels. He lives and works in Athens.