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Alekos Kyrarinis
Epi timvo at the Archaeological Museum of Poros
May 27 - September 30, 2023

Archaeological Museum of Poros
Korizi Square
18020 Poros Island

(+30) 697 9989 684

Opening Hours
Mon, Wed-Sun:

About the artist

Alekos Kyrarinis was born in 1976 in Athens and raised on the island of Tinos, the place of his origin. He worked with his father, Yiannis Kyrarinis, a sculptor in marble, from the age of eleven until 1997, when he was admitted to the Athens School of Fine Arts. At the School he studied at the studio of Jannis Psychopedis and graduated in 2003. He has illustrated the following books: Calendar of Group ALPHA 2003, Verifying the Night (Dimitris Angelis, Neos Astrolavos / Efthyni, Athens 2011), Encima del subsuelo /Above the subsoil (Kostas Vrachnos, limited edition, Athens 2012), issues 1,2,3 of the magazine “Nea Efthyne”, Drippings from the tiles (Monk Antonios Romaios, En Plo editions, Athens 2015), issue 1 of the magazine “Anthivola”. He collaborates with the magazine “Frear” and with the cultural space “Baumstrasse”. He has published an essay book about painting entitled “Nefeli’s questions”, Mikros Astrolavos /Efthyni, Athens 2011.His work has been shown in 16 solo exhibitions in Greece, Spain and Belgium. He has participated in several group exhibitions in Italy, Belgium, Luxembourg, Austria, Poland, Romania, France and Spain. Alekos Kyrarinis is represented solely by CITRONNE Gallery.

About the exhibition

Alekos Kyrarinis describes the unbreakable continuity of time with fifteen works, which are to be exhibited at the Archaeological Museum of Poros. He refers in a lyrical way to the relationship between the living and the dead, to the need for a vivid, eternal memory that keeps the deceased present.
This need has always existed from the furthest antiquity and is expressed through inscriptions, drawings, sculptures, memorials - all of which are defined as funerary. 'Epi Timvo*', to this day, are recalled 'men's honors', but also anonymous everyday figures, familiar and dear to some people.

Alekos Kyrarinis perceives the importance and the weight of the " museological " past which, however, he does not separate from the experienced present. The figures he draws work together with the representations of the vessels and the tombstones of the Museum; at the same time, however, they also refer to Christian religion and iconography. Guardian Angels protect and watch over as connectors to the beyond, to the unknown universe where the deceased reside.
The exhibitions at the Archaeological Museum of Poros present a dialogue between the past and the present, between the Museum's exhibits and the visual world of a contemporary artist. Alekos Kyrarinis intensifies this dialogue, extending it to the relationship between experience and memory.

Epi timvo = on the tomb